I feel grateful to have been a therapist for more than 20 years. To me there is no greater calling than supporting people as they work to increase well-being and self-awareness. I’m a firm believer that good therapy should be life-changing and transformative.

I’ve treated a wide variety of issues and worked extensively with couples, individuals, families in crisis, the elderly, those battling depression and anxiety, and the terminally ill.  My specific approach will vary depending on an individual's needs, but empathy and self-reflection are constants. 

Additionally, through workshops and trainings I have worked with business and community leaders to examine and improve professional dynamics.  I’ve worked in both individual and group settings to cultivate constructive communication, foster healthy company culture, and increase productivity. 

While I’m from Colorado originally, I’ve spent much of my adult life in Santa Barbara where I earned my undergraduate degree, Masters, and Ph.D. in psychology.  My husband and I are raising our three busy kids in this place we’re lucky enough to call home.